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About the AASHTOWare OpenAPI

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) initiated the AASHTO Data Integration Project in 2018 to identify interfaces that AASHTOWare (AW) products should have with each other and with other enterprise systems at State Departments of Transportation (DOTs). The enterprise systems included: Design, Financial, Asset Management, Document Management, Geographical Information (GIS) and Linear Referencing Systems (LRS). The identified interfaces, if built, would ensure that best practices in data governance and management can be used for supporting AW business users and processes; and, deployment of AW products at State DOTs can be simplified. WSP worked with AASHTO Data Oversight Committee, Technical and Applications Architecture (T&AA) Committee and State DOTs who use AW products to identify the AW interfaces that should be developed.

AASHTOWare OpenAPI allows communication, interoperation, and the delivery of new features to other software systems in a standardized, simple, and controlled way. A host of new benefit and value is created by "unlocking" AASHTAWOare for use in a variety of previously impractical ways.

The AASHTOWare OpenAPI allows agency licensed users to use their existing applications, technology platforms, and productivity tools together in a seamless interoperable way. This new platform approach allows different systems to interoperate with each other using well established standards so that they can communicate, share data, perform tasks, and even automate complex activities between them.

API Suppliers

The AASHTOWare Open API is delivered and supported by a dedicated management platform. By doing this, the infrastructure and operations complexity from multiple products and multiple product installations are greatly simplified.

API Consumers

AASHTOWare continues to elevate the transportation technology practice by extending the capabilities of its enterprise software suite into an open platform framework with a unifying API that fully leverages the existing product suite.

How the Platform Delivers



RESTful APIs are the most commonly used APIs data service technology over the web. AASHTOWare OpenAPI is founded on these widely-adopted standards.

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API Developer Docs

Everything you need to get started quickly. All API documentation, reference resources, and tools are provided in this developer portal. Start prototyping immediately.

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Additional Resources

Additional resources for new developers, partners, long time AASHTOWare power users, and agency technical staff are available. Getting started is easy.

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Using modern and well-adopted standards, AASHTOWare OpenAPI delivers a porfolio of APIs supporting the whole AASHTOWare ecosystem. The open platform approach unlocks the value of AASHTOWare and provides new opportunities to leverage your existing technology investments.

GET /data_dictionary/semantic_search/culvert

"catalogName": "BrDR682",
"colmnName": "dist_left_end_to_start_seg",
"keyphrase": "culvert",
"comment": "The distance ... culvert segment",
"score": 1

AASHTOWare OpenAPI Platform

Join the discussion. There are variety of opportunities to participate in the dialogs during the AASHTOWare OpenAPI rollout. These open forums help to frame the conversations that will drive the initiative to the greatest innovation and adoption.

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